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Tina Pears

With the introduction of the revised Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 the main aim is to integrate health and safety into the management of a project and to encourage everyone involved to work together to:

This is to ensure the health and safety of a project is clearly recognised as a priority in construction and ensure a correct level of competence is achieved for a safe working environment.

We at BAS feel we are able to offer a comprehensive service to suit your health and safety needs. From the role as CDM Co-ordinator acting for the clients, to regular site inspections and risk assessments. Our objectives are to assist builders, clients, designers and main contractors to achieve a well organised and efficient construction project through our role as CDM co-ordinators and health and safety advisors.

We can help your company with the following:

For further information regarding our health and safety services and fee structures please contact Tina Pears on +44(0)1582 476585 .

Please note: The CDM regulations do not apply to works on domestic properties for the home owner  (however all other health and safety regulations and legislation still apply). Please call if in doubt.

With the introduction of the CDM regulations all clients have a duty to ensure that the builders they employ the services of are competent to carry out the required works. It is therefore  important that your company can provide adequate information to support your claim of competency and furthermore demonstrate your positive attitude to health and safety within the workplace. Here are some of the questions you may be asked:-

  1. Does your company have a relevant and up to date Health and Safety policy? By law you need a written one if your company employs 5 or more people (including self employed people);
  2. For examples of risk assessments in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Works Regulations 1992;
  3. For examples of COSHH assessments in accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002;
  4. For the name of any person or organisation offering Health and Safety advice to your company under the Management of Health and Safety at Works Regulations 1992;
  5. Resources available for the management of health and safety and implementation of the Construction (Design and Management) CDM Regulations 2007;
  6. For examples of Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans previously completed.

The client may ask you to complete a health and safety questionnaire. BAS can assist you to formulate suitable responses which could help you be included on select tender lists and once the job is secured  produce a suitable health and plan specifically written for the project.

BAS can help by providing you with information on health and safety legislation appropriate to your business.

BAS can help your company develop and implement effective health and safety management systems, which will reduce the likelihood of accidents in the workplace and help make your company more efficient. A company with a good health and safety track record will obtain cheaper company insurance. Insurance companies offer better deals to companies with effective health and safety policies and will increase premiums to companies which do not meet the required standard.

The HSE are constantly campaigning for a safer working environment and target construction sites regularly. If your company is not compliant with relevant health and safety legislation you could be prosecuted.

To get in contact with the Health and Safety department contact Tina Pears on the following email addresses.